Designing jewelry which redefines your style!

Our artistic designs are specially created to elevate your attire, and are sure to dazzle and impress. Arrive in style while choosing breathtaking jewelry designs from our exquisite collection. We are specialists in designing stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants and a variety of jewelry to enhance your appearance.  Our sophisticated and poise designs, include diamonds, different kinds of gemstones, intricately designed gold pieces, and elegant looking silver ornaments.

  • Gold Jewelry

South Indian bridal jewelry is incomplete without gold, and these days even people from other parts of India prefer gold. The demand for gold jewelry is increasing due to the array of designs and patterns available these days.

  • Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are undoubtedly girl’s best friend right from a very young age. Females of every age are attracted towards diamonds more than any other jewelry. It looks classy, elegant and adds an affluent touch to the wedding or any other ceremony.

  • Platinum Jewelry

It takes a lot to choose the perfect platinum jewelry, because more than just complementing your attire, it is like a dream come true. Platinum is long-lasting, voguish and the strongest compared to any other metal used for making jewelry.

 Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry is also quite popular since a long time, and different ornament like rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, toe rings and kadas made in silver are highly in demand. It looks simple yet captivating like gold.

  • Custom jewelry

We specialize in custom-made jewelry, and this is completely designed on the basis of customer’s interest and ideas. Ready made jewelry in stores do look fascinating, but custom jewelry gives a different sense of satisfaction as it is the customer’s imagination turned into reality.

Below listed are few kinds of gold, diamond and silver jewelry designs available in our store:-

  1. Mango mala set (gold)

Mangas symbolizes fertility and prosperity, and they are often used as bridal jewelry in South India. They depict Indian culture in and different symbols like peacocks. This authentic traditional bridal jewelry made in gold is a manifestation of Indian culture.

  1. Filigree Jewelry (gold and silver)

The perfect amalgamation of gold and silver with intricate filigree work gives a royal touch to the outfit. The Filigree jewelry sets add an exotic charm and elevate the overall appearance. These are one of the most trending jewelry which is often preferred by celebrities.

  1. Jadau (Diamonds)

Jadau is often confused with Kundan, Meenakari and Polki. Kundan is embedded with glass beads and Meenakari is a type of art which enables enameling in jewelry. Jadau is a technique which uses all three- Polki, Kundan, and Meenakari, but still it varies a bit from Polki and Kundan. Polki is a uncut form of diamond which is used in a centre and it is truly the highlight of the design. Jadau is an engraved jewelry which is widely used in Rajasthan and Gujarat.  The specialty of Jadau is different kinds of stones like pearl, ruby, diamond, sapphire, and emrald.

  1. Kaasu Malaai (Gold)

Kaasu Malai is very distinct and intriguing jewelry made with gold coins or small mangas (mangoes) aligned perfectly. It is also made using different precious stones which elevates the entire design.  Kaasu Malaai is considered as a perfect bridal necklace in South India.

  1. Pachchikam (Silver)

If you are a person who loves wearing jewelry which has an old Indian charm, then Pachchikam is the best choice. This jewelry originated in Gujarat, and today it is vogue across the country. The unique traits like fragile and easy to carry, low cost compared to other bridal jewelry, and flashy appearance makes it suitable for every occasion.

  1. Meenakari (Gold and Silver)

Meenakari jewelry is used in order to express different themes and occasions. It shows popular designs, animal figures, and images of gods and goddess. The best part of Meenakari is that it can be designed in both gold and silver without losing the essence of the overall look and clarity of the theme.

Attend marriages, poojas, functions or any other ceremony with a distinct style statement. Also, plan to surprise your loved ones with an eye-catchy design from our store. Feel free to get in touch with us to explore more designs from our exclusive collection.



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