Everlasting Traditions.. | Our Story | Gandevikar Jewellers

Approx, a century old tradition of which the roots are located into the Royal Family of Vadodara, “The Gaekwads”, Gandevikar Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. since 1927 has achieved phenomenon trust, value, love and high reputation through its three generations in manufacturing and selling of precious ornaments.

The traditional Jewellery choice of mothers and latest choice of daughters be found here under a single roof. The conversion of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, and other precious stones are carried out into the beautiful and valuable ornaments with the Indian traditional “Meenakari” and “Jadtar” work to which the customers remember and like for generations and that also at reasonable making chargers and transparency.

At Gandevikar Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., the numerous choices of ornaments from our four large showrooms along with guidance and supervision of friendly staff, trained managers and owners will never disappoint you.

You are most welcome to visit our showrooms and be part of our family.