Swarna Uruddhi Yojana From Gandevikar Jewellers

Greetings To Our Valued Customers,

Only by your constant support and patronage, we are moving forward on this path of progress. Your partnership and our transparent business which have helped us to form a strong bridge into our relationship.  From this we derive immense pleasure and look forward to work with you.

Since thousands of years, Diamond, Gold and Silver Jewellery has hold prominent position in this world. Gold has got its sheer, its own value. it has achieved an important place of itself. The value of currencies of different nations keeps n fluctuating, But for a long time, the value of gold has always been kept on increasing. In recent time f economic turmoil, we often wish to buy gold, but think twice because of the constant increase in price.

Due to this reason, we have introduced “Swarna Uruddhi Yojana” for our valued customers. In this scheme, you can pay Rs.1000/- or in multiples of Rs.1000/-  in 11 monthly installments. The installment for the 12th month will be paid by us and after 12 months, you can avail the offer to buy gold ornaments of your choice from that accumulated amount. You can also buy Real Diamond Jewellery and silver lifestyle items from that amount. All our gold jewellery is marked 916 hallmark. Real diamond jewellery also come with quality certificate.

Your Investments Rs.1000/- x 11 = Rs.11000

+12th Installment from our side Rs.1000 x 1 = Rs. 1000


Total amount in your account = Rs.12000


We invite you to avail this unique offer by joining our Suvarna Vruddhi Yojana and help us serve you better.


For more details, please contact personally or call 0265-2340950